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Independent filmmaker @Lydiaisnanto is a native of Indonesia and has worked in Singapore and the U.S. for the past twenty years as a filmmaker, cinematographer, and entrepreneur. Lydia’s work is always looking into impact and awareness, addressing the themes of women empowerment, transformation, and healing. Evy’s Wish (@evyswishfilm) is her fifth short film project as director/producer.

Lydia believes stories change the world and loves collaboration behind the camera producing and directing. Her film This Is Me (2019), filmed in Austin, Texas and where she wrote, directed, co-produced, photographed and edited the work.

This story was created for and dedicated to mental illness survivors and warriors. To date, the film has been screened in the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, Texas, with more than 20 accolades and has won nine awards, including a special Mental Health Community Award from the Los Angeles Silicon Beach Film Festival.

She also wrote, directed, co-produced, photographed and edited THE CALLING (2018), filmed in the San Francisco Bay area. The film tells the story of transformation and healing, based on a true story of a writer, a pastor and a filmmaker, Tony Gapastione. This short film was made entirely with an iPhone celebrating the creative movement of smartphone filmmaking. THE CALLING has been screened in San Francisco and New York. It has won five awards, including the Best Phone Made Film award from Olympus Film Festival Los Angeles.

Besides films, her storytelling passion is also shown in music video works. She wrote the screenplay, directed, photographed and edited Guardian Angel MV (2021). And she also photographed and edited Summer Love MV (2019). While back in Singapore, she wrote the screenplay, directed and photographed the BFF MV (2017). The video portrays a fictional story about two best friends with inspiration about true friendship. To date, BFF music video has won three awards and screened at the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival and Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase.

Let’s lift up storytellers like Lydia! Follow her journey at @lydiaisnantoand her website at #aapifilm#austinfilm

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